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  Alumni Game 2004

Tulane 2004 vs 2001 CWS Team (56-13)

Possible Lineups

2004 Player, Position Batting Order 2001 Player, Position
J.R. Crowel, LHP n/a Nick Bourgeois, LHP
Billy Mohl, RHP n/a Michael Aubrey, LHP
Matt Goebel, RHP n/a Beau Richardson, LHP
Joey Charron, LHP Relief Joey (?) ,  Melius (?)
Phillip Stringer, 2B 1 Kaplan, CF
Joe Holland, 3B 2 Cannizaro, SS
Mark Hamilton, 1B 3 Gautreau, 3B
Brian Bogusevic, RF 4 Jurries, 1B
Jason Pyle, DH 5 Aubrey, LF
Wes Swackhammer, LF 6 Groff, RF
Barkett/Southard, CF 7 Heintz, DH
Brian Bormaster, C 8 Giarratano, 2B
Tommy Manzella, SS 9 Madden, C




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