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Saturday at the Baton Rouge Regional

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Skip and Rick 


By Request

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Dear Jane: 

While you were playing tennis in Shreveport, your son was 3-3, with 2 walks against Southern.  He was also 2-4 against LSU.  Did you have fun? 


Tulane 10 - Southern 2 

06/01/2002 - Alex Box Stadium

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Tulane Fans Tulane Fans LSU father and son
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Gerald Clark in the field after he scores
su15scores.jpg (99182 bytes) su15and21.jpg (115513 bytes) su15ballgetsby.jpg (111377 bytes)
scoring on third with Coach at the plate
su16and28.jpg (92175 bytes) su16catch.jpg (85589 bytes) su16at2nd.jpg (86188 bytes)
Jurries and Feldman with the coach James Jurries after a double
su16beatsrunner.jpg (96242 bytes) su16at1st.jpg (91048 bytes) su16outat1st.jpg (102130 bytes)
beating a runner to bag JJ at 1st one more
su16scores.jpg (96606 bytes) su16plate.jpg (117562 bytes) su16dancecatcher.jpg (111683 bytes)
he scores at the plate JJ and catcher "pose'
su17coach.jpg (95691 bytes) su1and7at1stand2nd.jpg (98535 bytes) su1at2nd.jpg (70475 bytes)
Coach Burr Burr, Aubrey, Brumby Turner Brumby
su1at2nd2.jpg (99249 bytes) su1scoresby4.jpg (110191 bytes) su1steals2nd.jpg (88835 bytes)
Turner Scoring stealing 2nd
su1umps.jpg (68830 bytes) su26.jpg (109247 bytes) su28.jpg (105029 bytes)
mmmmm..... Brooks Shankle Aaron Feldman
su28and16.jpg (88002 bytes) su28at1st.jpg (101440 bytes) su28field.jpg (70829 bytes)
Feldman and JJ at 1st  In the field
su28field2.jpg (68118 bytes) su28plate.jpg (105421 bytes) su28scores.jpg (98626 bytes)
In the field at the plate scoring
su28steals2nd.jpg (87348 bytes) su29.jpg (108521 bytes) su29congrats.jpg (96572 bytes)
steals 2nd Jon Kaplan after a great play
su29and10a.jpg (94914 bytes) su29and10.jpg (87098 bytes) su29andtrainer.jpg (105545 bytes)
Look, I CAN play ankle, what ankle!  medical attention
su29hiandtight.jpg (108004 bytes) su29hiandtight2.jpg (117025 bytes) su29plate.jpg (111613 bytes)
twice - a little high and tight!  still swinging
su33andchad.jpg (98879 bytes) su33and4.jpg (108644 bytes) su33mound1.jpg (86416 bytes)
Beau & Chad - Smile! Beau and Tommy Beau Richardson
su33k1.jpg (113177 bytes) su33k2.jpg (112484 bytes) su33suk3.jpg (117276 bytes)
Beau  gets the hitters on Strikeouts
su33mound2.jpg (94769 bytes) su33mound3.jpg (86113 bytes) su33mound4.jpg (104342 bytes)
Beau on the  mound
su4platehits.jpg (104685 bytes) su4decoys.jpg (90240 bytes) su4getscatch.jpg (91430 bytes)
Tommy Manzella decoy play in the field
su4platescores8.jpg (94019 bytes) su6at3rd.jpg (94992 bytes) su6and15scoreby8.jpg (97045 bytes)
another hit Anthony Giarratano G and Clark
su6and4a.jpg (105220 bytes) su6at3rd1.jpg (111895 bytes) su6plate.jpg (106949 bytes)
G and Tommy at 3rd at the plate
su6scores.jpg (101646 bytes) su6scoresby8.jpg (70715 bytes) su7plate1.jpg (105743 bytes)
scoring scores again Michael Aubrey
su7plate.jpg (102035 bytes) su7at1st.jpg (87260 bytes) su7scoresby4.jpg (100547 bytes)
at the plate at first congrats after scoring
su8plate.jpg (93873 bytes) su8platescores6.jpg (116896 bytes) su8tagsbatter.jpg (114302 bytes)
Brian Bormaster at the plate tagging the batter after K
su8platescores6.jpg (116896 bytes) su8walks2.jpg (115913 bytes) su33and8.jpg (113641 bytes)
Driving a run  gets a walk Congrats to Beau
su111wavewins.jpg (141986 bytes) su111wavewins2.jpg (115567 bytes) su111wavewins3.jpg (128560 bytes)
Wave Wins Moves on  to the next game



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