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Nicklastgame.jpg (948457 bytes) beaulastgame4.jpg (470855 bytes) kris05182002.jpg (285713 bytes)
Nick's last game at Turchin Beau's last game at Turchin Kris on Sunday 


Tulane 7 - USM 4

May 18, 2002 - Turchin Stadium 

seniorday32.jpg (106871 bytes) seniorday33.jpg (111152 bytes) seniorday16.jpg (112926 bytes)
Senior Andrew Corona Senior Beau Richardson Senior James Jurries
seniordaygroup.jpg (122443 bytes) seniordaygroup2.jpg (119424 bytes) seniorday4homercongrats.jpg (109314 bytes)
The seniors The whole team Tommy celebrates Senior day by hitting his 1st college home run
senior11mound2.jpg (127642 bytes) senior11mound4.jpg (112854 bytes) senior11mound3.jpg (128334 bytes)
Kris Kline 6 2/3 innings and only 3 ER
senior11k1.jpg (121806 bytes) senior11k2.jpg (118963 bytes) senior11k3.jpg (117827 bytes)
Kris - K#1 K#2 K#3
senior13infor11.jpg (123842 bytes) senior13mound1.jpg (126831 bytes) senior13mound2.jpg (127575 bytes)
Joey in the 7th Joey on the mound Joey
senior13k1.jpg (115333 bytes) senior13mound3.jpg (112432 bytes) senior13and11celebrate.jpg (129368 bytes)
Joey victim #1  Joey Kris & Joey celebrate
senior29homercongrats.jpg (113304 bytes) senior16hit.jpg (95020 bytes) senior16at3rd.jpg (94711 bytes)
Kaplan gets the offense in gear with the homer! Then JJ gets hit by the pitcher - OUCH! JJ makes it to 3rd
senior16scores.jpg (100387 bytes) senior16atplate.jpg (110754 bytes) senior16scores2.jpg (105901 bytes)
JJ scores - note the mask flying off - ball hit the catcher in the face JJ at the plate JJ scores again
senior15at2nd.jpg (90438 bytes) senior15scores.jpg (111230 bytes) senior4homer.jpg (115251 bytes)
Clark at 2nd Clark scores, Tommy congrats In the 7th,  Tommy HOMERS!
senior29at1st.jpg (133462 bytes) senior29steals2nd.jpg (87596 bytes) senior29scores.jpg (93593 bytes)
Kaplan kept close Steals 2nd  Kaplan scores
senior28at3rd.jpg (100064 bytes) senior28scores.jpg (110418 bytes) senior7atplate.jpg (112576 bytes)
Feldman at 3rd Feldman scores Aubrey, sac fly
senior1atplate1scores15.jpg (95597 bytes) senior6and13and33.jpg (103348 bytes) seniorWAVEWINS.jpg (109415 bytes)
Brumby, rbi - Clark Beau, Joey and G Kris, Joey, Brian Michael


senior1kidsrun.jpg (96728 bytes) senior1kids16.jpg (93555 bytes) senior1kids29.jpg (63276 bytes)
My son & Daughter, and 2 friends run the bases JJ and Friends Kaplan and Friends
senior1nick.jpg (89938 bytes) senior1stpitch.jpg (77823 bytes) senior1stpitch2.jpg (83951 bytes)
Nick and his niece  1st pitch Armed Services day, Tulane Alumn and war veteran - Neal Jones

Finally, THE KREWE 

senior1krewe.jpg (97784 bytes)


Tulane 8 - USM 2

May 17, 2002 - Turchin Stadium 

usmfri33mound1.jpg (128726 bytes)

Beau was magnificent!

usmfri33mound3.jpg (106957 bytes) usmfri33mound2.jpg (113621 bytes) usmfri33throwto1st.jpg (93546 bytes)
Complete Game 6 hits, 2 runs 5 K's, and 0 walks
usmfri33k1.jpg (102534 bytes) usmfri33k2.jpg (106429 bytes) usmfri33k3.jpg (110542 bytes)
a one and a two  and a 3 K!
usmfri29at1st.jpg (103334 bytes) usmfri29at3rd.jpg (95956 bytes) usmfri16hitinhead.jpg (90038 bytes)
Close call, but then 29 steals 2nd, makes it to 3rd on the error OUCH!   JJ takes one to the head. 
usmfri29scores.jpg (73361 bytes) usmfri16at1st29at3rd.jpg (101363 bytes) usmfri16at2nd.jpg (89260 bytes)
Kaplan scores (2nd time) JJ at 1st, Kappy 3rd JJ doubles 
usmfri7homer.jpg (91815 bytes) usmfri111wavewins.jpg (116095 bytes)
Aubrey Homers! Wave wins 



Tulane 7 - USM 0

May 16, 2002 - Turchin Stadium 

usmthu22radar.jpg (153391 bytes)
I went to a baseball game, and a State Trooper convention broke out!

Count the radar guns!

usmthu1stpitch.jpg (98227 bytes) usmthu1stpitcha.jpg (101921 bytes) usmthu1stteam.jpg (112272 bytes)
1st pitch meet the coach team gets going
usmthu22mound1.jpg (125051 bytes) usmthu22mound2.jpg (118501 bytes) usmthu22mound3.jpg (115897 bytes)
Nick was great 8 IP, 3K's   and ZERO runs!
usmthu22moundto1st.jpg (127731 bytes) usmthu22throwto1st.jpg (130136 bytes) usmthu22outat2nd.jpg (105930 bytes)
kept the runners close to 1st thrown out at 2nd
usmthu1on1st.jpg (118998 bytes) usmthu16at1st.jpg (135055 bytes) usmthu15moves1and16.jpg (116930 bytes)
Brumby gets to 1st JJ gets on  Clark moves the runners
usmthu20hits1and16score.jpg (119084 bytes) usmthu1and16score.jpg (125069 bytes) usmthu1and16congrats.jpg (119691 bytes)
Stelmack hits,  JJ and Brumby score Congrats by the team
usmthu16hitsscores.jpg (110660 bytes) usmthu16steals2nd1.jpg (83510 bytes) usmthu16steals2nd.jpg (90213 bytes)
JJ hits steals 2nd, can't see here he is! 
usmthu16highandwide.jpg (98580 bytes) usmthu4catch.jpg (66987 bytes) usmthu1goundskrewe.jpg (119174 bytes)
Just a little high & wide Tommy - great catch Grounds Krewe
usmthu28scores.jpg (109275 bytes) usmthu3scores.jpg (97968 bytes) usmthu4scoresby1.jpg (103230 bytes)
Feldman scores Chuck scores Tommy scores
usmthu28hits.jpg (100170 bytes) usmthu4hits.jpg (94608 bytes) usmthu1hitsslash.jpg (89508 bytes)
Feldman gets a hit Tommy gets a hit Turner hits/slash play
usmthu14onmound.jpg (109500 bytes) usmthu14mound2.jpg (100012 bytes) usmthu14mound3.jpg (99255 bytes)
Will Walter pitches  the 9th
usmthu111finalscore.jpg (108636 bytes)
Final Score


Celebrate Senior Week

James Jurries and Beau Richardson. 

(I will add more pictures every day) 

James Jurries 

Thank you for 4 wonderful years!!!

JJsmiles.JPG (169687 bytes) JJhomer.jpg (142440 bytes)
Jurries and a big smile A sweet Home Run 
JJat2ndJPG.jpg (148148 bytes) JJatleft.jpg (136888 bytes)
Occasionally, he does sit down on the job and can do the Texas 2 step in right field.
16turnsdp.jpg (159420 bytes) 16showstheump.jpg (143988 bytes)
JJ turns the double play shows the ump he has the ball after nailing the runner at 2nd
16hitinback.jpg (163098 bytes)
Many times this year, he was literally the "target" of opposition pitchers. 

Beau Richardson

Who can forget the 3rd game of the Tulane / LSU Super Regional?


33onmound1.JPG (167261 bytes) 33mound2.jpg (166838 bytes)
Beau on the mound From the other side
33fielding.JPG (144385 bytes) 33nailsrunner.JPG (194316 bytes)
Fielding his position Nailing a runner at 1st 
33outatplate.jpg (154780 bytes)
Beau covers the plate, and the runner is out



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