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Tulane 15 - Southeastern La. 5

April 30, 2002 - Turchin Stadium


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Kris was great on the mound Clark after his homer (4 hits) JJ after his homer 
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Picture from Section C Pat O's throw Winner! Joey, Beau, and Jon
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Kris from the other side Kris victim # 1 Kris victim # 3
unotue20errorto2nd.jpg (103962 bytes) unotue20on2nd.jpg (97730 bytes) unotue15homer.jpg (114551 bytes)
Stelmack gets on by E Advances to 2nd  Clark Homers!
unotue15round2nd.jpg (87870 bytes) unotue20scoresby15.jpg (112361 bytes) unotue6walks.jpg (114344 bytes)
Rounding 2nd! Stelmack scores on the homer G gets a walk
unotue8singles.jpg (115772 bytes) unotue1singles.jpg (114825 bytes) unotue4singles.jpg (115182 bytes)
Bormaster singles Brumby singles  Manzella singles
unotue6scoresby4.jpg (101001 bytes) unotue28singles.jpg (104321 bytes) unotue8scoresby29.jpg (109611 bytes)
G scores on Tommy hit Kaplan singles Bormaster scores by Kappy
unotue16doubles.jpg (92951 bytes) unotue1and4scoreby16.jpg (112525 bytes) unotue20singles.jpg (105448 bytes)
JJ doubles!  Brumby and Manzella score Stelmack singles!
unotue16and29scoreby20.jpg (110951 bytes) unotue29walks.jpg (92556 bytes) unotue28doubles.jpg (99153 bytes)
JJ & Kappy score - Stelmack Kappy walks in 3rd Feldman doubles
unotue29scoresby28.jpg (88038 bytes) unotue16homers.jpg (87241 bytes) unotue28scoresby16homer.jpg (97165 bytes)
Kappy scores - Feldman JJ homers! Feldman scores
unotue14mound.jpg (68955 bytes) unotue1at1st.jpg (113482 bytes) unotue23mound.jpg (74602 bytes)
Will Walter Turner Brumby Kelly Comarda
unotue23k1.jpg (93239 bytes) unotue4flyball.jpg (85499 bytes) unotue6singles.jpg (115182 bytes)
Comarda K victim  Manzella gets the fly ball Manzella gets a hit
unotueWavewins1.jpg (112624 bytes) unotueWavewins2.jpg (80088 bytes) unotueWavewinscup.jpg (90392 bytes)
Wave wins Wave wins Wave wins the Pelican Cup!







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