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Tulane 2 - St. Louis 6 

Turchin Stadium - 03/31/2002


slusunrain.jpg (113353 bytes) slusunrain2.jpg (128600 bytes) slusunkrewe.jpg (131946 bytes)
Team work  Gets the tarp off the field The Grounds Krewe keeping it clean
slusun16kids.jpg (92289 bytes) slusun26kid.jpg (94945 bytes) slusun26kid2.jpg (98335 bytes)
Kids hang out with JJ Look Ma!  Do I have to leave??
slusun16rounds2nd.jpg (101820 bytes) slusun16homerun.jpg (115240 bytes) slusun16hrteam.jpg (137975 bytes)
One of the bright spots - JJ rounds 2nd touches home after his Home Run Team congrats!
slusun23mound.jpg (109368 bytes) slusun23moun2.jpg (106066 bytes) slusun23mound3.jpg (126178 bytes)
Kelly gets his 1st start Cormada Cormada
slusun24for23.jpg (135733 bytes) slusun24mound2.jpg (117730 bytes) slusun24mound.jpg (109588 bytes)
Liotta in for Comarda Liotta Liotta
slusun5for24.jpg (113900 bytes) slusun5mound.jpg (104714 bytes) slusun5mound2.jpg (106591 bytes)
Fairchild in for Liotta Fairchild Fairchild
slusun16outat2nd.jpg (103397 bytes) slusun28at1st.jpg (108594 bytes) slusun29at2nd.jpg (100978 bytes)
JJ shows the ump - OUT!  Feldman on 1st, RBI in the 1st Kappy at 2nd, before scoring
slusun29scores.jpg (90392 bytes) slusun29scoresteam.jpg (128266 bytes) slusun30outatplate.jpg (108525 bytes)
Kappy scores Gets the congrats St. Louis first - OUT at the plate!
slusun5k.jpg (132003 bytes) slusun5k2.jpg (112289 bytes) slusun7on1st.jpg (98775 bytes)
Fairchild gets a K! Another K, looking! Aubrey about to get an out! 

Tulane 7 - St. Louis 6 

Turchin Stadium - 03/30/2002

slusat1stpitch.jpg (116154 bytes) slusatbooster.jpg (186914 bytes) slusatteam.jpg (123992 bytes)
1st pitch - St. Bernard boosters St. Bernard boosters  Team meeting before the game
slusat7mound.jpg (108762 bytes) slusat7mound1.jpg (113907 bytes) slusat7mound3.jpg (113184 bytes)
Aubrey  Aubrey Aubrey
slusat7mound4.jpg (100354 bytes) slusat7throwto1st.jpg (120397 bytes) slusat7at1st.jpg (87630 bytes)
Aubrey from 1st side Throws to first Aubrey at 1st
slusat7k1.jpg (123348 bytes) slusat7k2.jpg (107966 bytes) slusat7k3.jpg (107071 bytes)
Aubrey K another K and another K
slusat13mound.jpg (115494 bytes) slusat13mound1.jpg (114974 bytes) slusat13mound3.jpg (128069 bytes)
Joey Joey Throw to 1st
slusat16at2nd.jpg (102613 bytes) slusat16at3rd.jpg (118463 bytes) slusat16scores.jpg (122947 bytes)
JJ at 2nd JJ at 3rd JJ scores
slusat15hitbypitch.jpg (93763 bytes) slusat15scores.jpg (106406 bytes) slusat20hits.jpg (107318 bytes)
Clark - hit by pitch Clark scores Stelmack gets a hit
slusat26at3rd8getsthere.jpg (132373 bytes) slusat26scores.jpg (107261 bytes) slusat28at2nd.jpg (108831 bytes)
Shankle adv. to 3rd sac by Bormaster Shankle scores Feldman at 2nd
slusat28scores.jpg (108701 bytes) slusat29at1st.jpg (128416 bytes) slusat29at2nd.jpg (96259 bytes)
Feldman scores Kappy at 1st Kappy at 2nd
slusat29scores.jpg (100709 bytes) slusat29scores1.jpg (103355 bytes) slusat4at1st.jpg (122484 bytes)
Kappy walking on air - Scores! scores again Manzella at 1st
slusatcorners.jpg (132487 bytes) slusatwavecongrats.jpg (111036 bytes) slusatteam.jpg (123992 bytes)
Runners at the corners congrats on the score the team 
slusatwavewins1.jpg (116974 bytes) slusatwavewins2.jpg (116373 bytes) slusatwavewins3.jpg (152436 bytes)
Joey and the gang get the win The infielders celebrate Feldman, front - and the rest of the team

Joey's 3 K's in the 9th 

slusat9thk1.jpg (118232 bytes) slusat9thk2.jpg (130769 bytes) slusat9thk3.jpg (125297 bytes)
That's 1 that's 2  and that's the GAME!

The Grounds Krewe

slusatkrewe1.jpg (101245 bytes) slusatkrewe2.jpg (109939 bytes)
slusatkrewe3.jpg (105137 bytes) slusatkrewe4.jpg (129806 bytes)

Tulane 16 - St. Louis 2 

Turchin Stadium - 03/29/2002


Breaking out of the slump - multiple doubles, triples and 3 homers - 2 by Stelmack, 1 by Taylor

slufri20hr1.jpg (82427 bytes) slufri20hr2.jpg (98908 bytes) slufri9hr.jpg (71996 bytes)
A little blurry - Stelmack #1 Stelmack #2 Taylor, 1st career for Tulane
slufri22mound.jpg (100333 bytes) slufri5mound.jpg (95002 bytes) slufri14mound.jpg (98969 bytes)
Bourgeois - 7 ip, 2 er, 6 hits, 8 K's   Fairchild in the 8th Walter in the 9th
slufri1stpitch.jpg (101425 bytes) slufri7thk1.jpg (80051 bytes) slufri7thk3.jpg (92174 bytes)
First pitch by the Senator strike out looking! strike out swinging!
slufri16at2nd.jpg (79047 bytes) slufri16at3rd.jpg (90069 bytes) slufri20at3rd.jpg (78233 bytes)
JJ on 2nd at 3rd with the coach Stelmack at 3rd
slu26scores.jpg (67249 bytes) slufri20hrteam.jpg (378868 bytes) slufri3.jpg (86224 bytes)
I scored - where is everybody?  The team congrats to 20!  Chuck gets an at bat
slufri26at3rd1.jpg (89551 bytes) slufri26on3rd.jpg (93661 bytes) slufri26scores.jpg (75689 bytes)
Shankle at 3rd at 3rd again so fast, it blurs - he scores!
slufri28at2nd.jpg (81475 bytes) slufri28at3rd.jpg (84585 bytes) slufri28scores.jpg (82444 bytes)
Feldman on 2nd on 3rd and scoring!
slufri29at3rd.jpg (79824 bytes) slufri29scores.jpg (78764 bytes) slufri4scores.jpg (79249 bytes)
Kaplan safe at 3rd Kaplan scores! Manzella scores
slufri30on1st.jpg (95266 bytes) slufri30scores.jpg (79143 bytes) slufriCorners.jpg (79307 bytes)
Madden at 1st Madden scores runners at the corners
slufri7at3rd.jpg (69705 bytes) slufri7scores.jpg (89641 bytes) slufri7scores2.jpg (77293 bytes)
Aubrey at 3rd Aubrey scores and scores again! 
slufrikrewe1.jpg (101569 bytes) slufrikrewe2.jpg (107102 bytes)
Da Krew in Da Pen The Krewe
slufriwavewins.jpg (105892 bytes) slufriwavewins2.jpg (91056 bytes)
This one belongs to the Wave! Wave Wins! 




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