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Tulane 4 - TCU 3

Sunday, 4/21/2002 - Turchin Stadium 


tcusun29doubles9th.jpg (75868 bytes) tcusun29on3rd9th.jpg (80664 bytes) tcusun16walksin9th.jpg (99789 bytes)
Kaplan starts the 9th - 2B Makes it to 3rd, 1 out JJ gets the intentional
tcusun7walksin9th.jpg (90147 bytes) tcusun6walksin9th.jpg (101414 bytes) tcusun9thteam.jpg (122636 bytes)
Aubrey gets the intentional G gets the Game Winning RBI Kappy's in there somewhere! 
tcusunWavewins1.jpg (125851 bytes) tcusunWavesin2.jpg (126908 bytes) tcusunWavewins3.jpg (134001 bytes)
Wave Wins! Wave Wins, Beau tips the hat! Wave Wins - the TEAM 

The Game

tcusun33mound1.jpg (123097 bytes) tcusun33mound2.jpg (122264 bytes) tcusun33mound3.jpg (122052 bytes)
Beau the Magnificent! Beau Beau
tcusun33getsK.jpg (127607 bytes) tcusun33getsk3.jpg (104919 bytes) tcusun33getsk1.jpg (114807 bytes)
Beau get's the K! Beau get's the K! 53 K's again, gets on by error
tcusun33to1st.jpg (142019 bytes) tcusun33outat1st.jpg (141528 bytes) tcusun33bunt.jpg (106193 bytes)
Watch out! Beau nails 'em Beau fields his position
tcusun16homer.jpg (101134 bytes) tcusun16homersmile.jpg (123867 bytes) tcusun16homer1a.jpg (123064 bytes)
JJ, another Homer! That smile says it all! JJ and the team are happy!
tcusun16intheribs.jpg (107712 bytes) tcusun16at3rd.jpg (100767 bytes) tcusun16scoresby7.jpg (96049 bytes)
JJ takes one in the ribs He then gets to 3rd He scores via Aubrey hit
tcusun7hitsandscores16.jpg (120031 bytes) tcusun7outatfirst.jpg (127185 bytes) tcusun7doubleplay.jpg (115872 bytes)
Aubrey hits, JJ scores Out at first End of a double play! 
tcusun1atplate.jpg (79049 bytes) tcusun1basesloaded.jpg (147650 bytes) tcusun28at1st.jpg (118195 bytes)
Turner at the plate Tulane 1st & 3rd in the 1st Feldman at 1st
tcusun8getsahit.jpg (90435 bytes) tcusun8at1st.jpg (134732 bytes) tcusun8scoresby4.jpg (93586 bytes)
Bormaster hits he's at first scores on Manzella hit
tcusun1teammeet.jpg (132244 bytes) tcusunkrewe.jpg (135008 bytes) tcusun1krewe2.jpg (131225 bytes)
Team meeting before game The Krewe The Krewe
tcusun1safeat3rd.jpg (140951 bytes) tcusun9thinning.jpg (120545 bytes) tcusun29catch.jpg (78378 bytes)
Wave safe at 3rd! TCU part of the 9th Kappy makes a catch
tcusun1kids1.jpg (135965 bytes) tcusun1kids2.jpg (134953 bytes) tcusun1kids3.jpg (137131 bytes)
Kid's day - they're off! Aubrey wins! And they're outta here! 


Tulane 11 - TCU 5

Saturday, 4/20/2002 - Turchin Stadium 

James Jurries - 2 HR, Sac, 5 RBI's

tcusat16and28score1st2.jpg (92796 bytes) tcusat16homer2.jpg (151644 bytes) tcusat16and28and6home2.jpg (91980 bytes)
JJ hits homer in the 1st, Feldman scores, with JJ right behind JJ at the plate as he hits his 2nd homer JJ congrats by Feldman(28) and G (6)


tcusat7mound1.jpg (112409 bytes) tcusat7mound2.jpg (104779 bytes) tcusat7atplate1st.jpg (93222 bytes)
Aubrey starts the game Aubrey Aubrey at the plate
tcusat7at1st.jpg (136845 bytes) tcusat7plate.jpg (100883 bytes) tcusat7scoresby83rdhit.jpg (100356 bytes)
Aubrey on 1st Aubrey at the plate Aubrey scores on Bormaster's 3rd hit
tcusat7scores1by20.jpg (94899 bytes) tcusat7endtheday.jpg (84732 bytes) tcusat7greeted.jpg (108135 bytes)
Aubrey scores by Stelmack  TCU scores, Aubrey looks on In the end, Aubrey gets the W! 
tcusat28atplate.jpg (97132 bytes) tcusat28bunts1st.jpg (102400 bytes) tcusat28scores2.jpg (84947 bytes)
Feldman at the plate Feldman gets on via bunt  Feldman scores on JJ's second homer
tcusat16mugged.jpg (111640 bytes) tcusat1plate.jpg (87566 bytes) tcusat2plate.jpg (99788 bytes)
JJ gets mugged after homer Turner gets a hit  Smoke at the plate
tcusat29plates1.jpg (84866 bytes) tcusat1platedby29.jpg (95114 bytes) tcusat20plate.jpg (88875 bytes)
Kaplan gets a hit and Turner scores via Kaplan hit Stelmack gets a hit and
tcusat8plate.jpg (87027 bytes) tcusat20scores1by8.jpg (97214 bytes) tcusat4plates8.jpg (87589 bytes)
Bormaster gets a hit and  Stelmack scores on Bormaster hit Manzella hits and 
tcusat8platedby4.jpg (107793 bytes) tcusat28plates4.jpg (96358 bytes) tcusat4platedby28.jpg (96169 bytes)
Bormaster scores by Manzella Feldman gets hit and  Manzella scores by Feldman
tcusat29plates1.jpg (84866 bytes) tcusat29sacflyfor29.jpg (98227 bytes) tcusat8andcoach.jpg (101638 bytes)
Kaplan gets a hit JJ sac fly scores Kappy Bormaster 3 hit day, and coach
tcusat25getsabuntby28.jpg (133589 bytes) tcusat25tcuscoresby8.jpg (83269 bytes) tcusat1tcuks8youdaman.jpg (103733 bytes)
TCU player bunts  later scores but Joey's da man!  (TCU K's)
tcusat6plate.jpg (96288 bytes) tcusat8squeezeplayout.jpg (109908 bytes) tcusat8plate.jpg (87027 bytes)
G at the plate Squeeze play out, confusion by TCU Bormaster on another hit! 
tcusat5relieves7.jpg (136007 bytes) tcusat5mound1.jpg (122887 bytes) tcusat5mound2.jpg (118465 bytes)
Fairchild relieves Aubrey Fairchild Fairchild
tcusat5playat1st.jpg (114766 bytes) tcusat5mound3.jpg (117001 bytes) tcusat13relieves5.jpg (139864 bytes)
Throw to 1st Fairchild Joey relieves Fairchild
tcusat13mound2.jpg (107327 bytes) tcusat13mound3.jpg (100542 bytes) tcusat6congrats13.jpg (90759 bytes)
Joey Joey  G high 5's Joey after the big out! 
tcusatWavewins1.jpg (122417 bytes) tcusatWavewins2.jpg (104353 bytes) tcusatwavewins3.jpg (136133 bytes)
Wave Wins, Joey & Brian Joey, Aubrey and Stelmack The Team has some fun! 


Tulane 8 - TCU 5

Friday, 4/19/2002 - Turchin Stadium 

tcufri1academics.jpg (125672 bytes) tcufri2academics.jpg (121864 bytes) tcufri1stpitch.jpg (145155 bytes)
3.0 GPA Student Athletes 3.0 GPA Student Athletes 1st Pitch
tcufri17practice.jpg (111423 bytes) tcufri22mound1.jpg (108975 bytes) tcufri22mound2.jpg (104638 bytes)
Coach Burr, outfield practice Nick on the mound another great job tonight
tcufri22mound3.jpg (100946 bytes) tcufri22mound4.jpg (125855 bytes) tcufri22after7.jpg (118685 bytes)
more nick Nick with runners After the 7th
tcufri22leavesin8th.jpg (122720 bytes) tcufri13mound.jpg (92647 bytes) tcufri13rundown.jpg (96130 bytes)
Congrats as he leaves in the 8th Joey in the 8th Joey during the rundown
tcufri13k.jpg (106937 bytes) tcufri13k2.jpg (116459 bytes) tcufri6outin9th.jpg (126079 bytes)
Joey, that's just WROOONNG! Another Joey Special - K! G gets the 2nd out in the 9th.
tcufri16plate.jpg (113770 bytes) tcufri16scores.jpg (92005 bytes) tcufri16stolenout.jpg (81022 bytes)
JJ at the plate, gets a home run Congrats at the plate after homer On defense, tcu out on attempted SB
tcufri1getsbighit.jpg (100795 bytes) tcufri7and8score.jpg (116264 bytes) tcufri20at2nd.jpg (93937 bytes)
Turner gets a bit hit Aubrey and Bormaster score  Stelmack at 2nd, he later scores
tcufri20plate.jpg (97352 bytes) tcufri24team.jpg (99486 bytes) tcufri28plate.jpg (117166 bytes)
Stelmack at the plate Guys in the dugout Feldman at the plate
tcufri28and29onbase.jpg (110096 bytes) tcufri29scores.jpg (103570 bytes) tcufri28scores.jpg (110067 bytes)
Feldman and Kappy  Kappy scores Feldman scores
tcufri29scores2.jpg (122309 bytes) tcufr29medical.jpg (110580 bytes) tcufri29out.jpg (84737 bytes)
Kappy  - hey, easy on the head! Kappy gets medical treatment In the outfield, gets the out
tcufri6plate.jpg (99459 bytes) tcufri8hitbypitch.jpg (93904 bytes) tcufri8at2nd.jpg (88815 bytes)
G at the plate Bormaster hit by pitch Bormaster at 2nd
tcufri2on3rd.jpg (104803 bytes) tcufri31tcuargues.jpg (134636 bytes) tcufri7at3rd.jpg (107981 bytes)
Smoke on 3rd, after a double TCU coach had rough day at 3rd Aubrey at 3rd, with the coach
tcufri99wavewins.jpg (112423 bytes) tcufri99wavewins2.jpg (124145 bytes)
Wave wins, wave wins Joey gets some attention!


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