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Tulane 6 - UNO 5

April 17, 2002 - Popeye's Cup, Zephyr Stadium

unoteemeet.jpg (94328 bytes) uno1stpitch.jpg (125034 bytes) unopregame.jpg (91264 bytes)
Pre game meeting 1st pitch Just the guys talking
uno11mound.jpg (99781 bytes) uno11mound1.jpg (105810 bytes) uno11mound2.jpg (104504 bytes)
Kline gets the start Kline Kline
uno11mound3.jpg (104734 bytes) uno24mound1.jpg (104254 bytes) uno24mound2.jpg (88034 bytes)
Kline keeps the runner honest Liotta on the mound Liotta
uno36comesin.jpg (105752 bytes) uno36mound1.jpg (94432 bytes) uno6getsawalk.jpg (103352 bytes)
Blades comes in Blades on the mound G gets a walk
uno6at1st.jpg (102767 bytes) uno8at3rd.jpg (77098 bytes) uno8scores1.jpg (78223 bytes)
G at 1st Brian at 3rd Brian "Air" Bormaster
uno1getsahit.jpg (82943 bytes) uno2067at3rd.jpg (83671 bytes) uno20scores.jpg (73410 bytes)
Turner gets a hit meeting at 3rd Stelmack scores
uno28homerun1.jpg (77585 bytes) uno28homerun2.jpg (64440 bytes) uno28homerun3.jpg (84997 bytes)
Feldman breaks the ice with a homer! Congrats from JJ
uno29steals2nd.jpg (69822 bytes) uno34and20.jpg (74858 bytes) uno8makescatch.jpg (111038 bytes)
Kappy after a steal Rosenblatt and Stelmack Brian "I got it" Bormaster
uno13comesin.jpg (89674 bytes) uno13getsk.jpg (97195 bytes) uno13anotherk.jpg (80597 bytes)
Joey comes in  Promply gets a K another Joey special!
uno13k1in7th.jpg (80629 bytes) uno13covers1st.jpg (54814 bytes) uno13k2in7th.jpg (73980 bytes)
In the 7th - out #1, a K Joey covers first (speed blurs) Out # 3, another Joey special delivery!
unoWavewins1.jpg (79840 bytes) unoWavewins2.jpg (79724 bytes) unoWavewins3.jpg (101140 bytes)
JJ and Joey talk after the win Congrats! Talking with UNO after the game
unokidgetstheball.jpg (99586 bytes) unokidshowsmom.jpg (101404 bytes)
A young man digs for a foul Then shows mom! 



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