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Tulane 7 - UNO 0 

Zephyr Stadium - 4/23/2002

krisscoreboard.jpg (585768 bytes) Kriswithcaptionfinalcopy.jpg (222371 bytes)
Kris was fantastic - Complete game shutout Congratulations!! I like this one a little bit better

Want to see how these pictures are made??? 


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National Anthem
unotue11mound1.jpg (96899 bytes) unotue11congrats.jpg (82091 bytes) unotue11congrats1.jpg (102047 bytes)
Kris was great tonight! Kris congrats Some more high five's! 
unotue16infirst.jpg (102089 bytes) unotue16and28.jpg (99689 bytes) unotue28at3rd1st.jpg (106030 bytes)
JJ gets a hit in the 1st JJ at first, Feldman at 2nd Feldman steals 3rd
unotue7scores16and28.jpg (111203 bytes) unotue28and16score.jpg (109753 bytes) unotue7scoresby20.jpg (89723 bytes)
Aubrey hits and drives in Feldman and JJ Aubrey driven in by Stelmack
unotue20hitbypitch.jpg (103964 bytes) unotue1atplate.jpg (103629 bytes) unotue1on1stplates20.jpg (77106 bytes)
Stelmack hit by pitch Brumby hits, Stelmack scores Turner on 1st
unotue1unooutat2nd.jpg (89422 bytes) unotue29catch.jpg (60121 bytes) unotue11offfield.jpg (83916 bytes)
OUT at 2nd! Kappy gets the ball Kline
unotue28atfirst.jpg (80873 bytes) unotue8and7.jpg (71940 bytes) unotue7and28.jpg (95850 bytes)
Feldman Bormaster and Aubrey Aubrey and Feldman
unotue11mound2.jpg (91824 bytes) unotueWavewins.jpg (89429 bytes) unotueWavewins3.jpg (87090 bytes)
Kline Wave Wins! Wave Wins!
unotue11news.jpg (91956 bytes) unotueDickson.jpg (85143 bytes) unotueJones.jpg (90798 bytes)
Kline talks to the T-P Cross Town Cup Winner Jones and Dickson
unotue1graff.jpg (60457 bytes) unotue1squirell.jpg (77987 bytes) unotue1dizzbat.jpg (103885 bytes)
Which one of these is the biggest  SQUIRREL?? 


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