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Tulane at South Florida


usf33warmup.jpg (170385 bytes) usf33mound1.jpg (408595 bytes) usf33k1.jpg (106623 bytes)
Beau warms up on the mound Ole`  Beau gets a K!
usf33keepsclose1.jpg (129201 bytes) usf33keepslcose2.jpg (125495 bytes) usf111groundskrewe.jpg (120905 bytes)
keeps the runner close eye on the runner Krewe members & friends
usf29hit.jpg (116139 bytes) usf29steals2nd.jpg (80552 bytes) usf29scores.jpg (114184 bytes)
Kaplan starts with a hit steals 2nd and scores!
usf28hits.jpg (106939 bytes) usf16plate.jpg (105727 bytes) usf15plate.jpg (109383 bytes)
Feldman doubles, rbi JJ singles Clark gets the rbi
usf28scores.jpg (100903 bytes) usf15getsahit.jpg (99666 bytes) usf1headstofirst.jpg (97576 bytes)
Feldman scores  Clark reaches on error going to first
usf8drivesin15.jpg (106395 bytes) usf15congratsby26.jpg (127100 bytes) usf26homermaybe.jpg (101308 bytes)
Bormaster, rbi  Clark scores Shankle, homer?  Fat umpire says no. 
usf16justabitinside.jpg (114165 bytes) usf16at1st28at3rd.jpg (132443 bytes) usf4on1st.jpg (116020 bytes)
Juuuusst a bit inside! JJ at 1st, Feldman 3rd Manzella at 1st
usf14mound.jpg (82327 bytes) usf14mound2.jpg (108743 bytes) usf14mound3.jpg (93809 bytes)
Will Walter strikes out 3 in the 8th



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